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Bengal tiger limousine provides top notch limo services in and around Philadelphi, PA area. We believe that service is the only goal we need to achieve. If it ends there, everything else we do supports that end. Driver training, vehicle maintenance and care, auto detailing and everything else we do behind the scenes enables us to be of maximum service.

Services that We Offer

Wedding Transportation

Elevate your wedding day with our luxury transportation. Picture a beautifully adorned limousine, ready to transport you seamlessly to your venue. Our diverse fleet complements your style, ensuring a statement entrance.

Our professional chauffeurs prioritize punctuality, allowing you to savor every moment stress-free. Inside our luxurious limousines, experience comfort and elegance, surrounded by complimentary amenities.

Let Bengal Tiger Limo orchestrate your wedding day transportation, infusing it with grace and style. With us, your journey becomes as memorable as the destination itself.

Airport Service

Experience our airport limousine service, complete with a dependable chauffeur. Your chauffeur not only handles loading and unloading your bags but also escorts you to the airport’s check-in area. We go the extra mile by monitoring your flight for punctual pick-up and drop-off.

Rest assured, our drivers undergo rigorous screening, including background checks, fingerprinting, and random drug tests, ensuring the highest standards of safety. Our chauffeurs undergo a comprehensive two-week training program, both in-house and in the field, before earning the title of a Corporate Transportation Chauffeur. Reach out today to elevate your travel experience!

Corporate Transportation

For top-notch transportation services in Philadelphia, PA, rely on Corporate Transportation. Contact us to inquire about our corporate account options, which encompass:

  1. Prepaid service.
  2. Corporate discounts.
  3. Corporate Billing.
  4. Meeting and event services.
  5. Plus, additional offerings to meet your specific needs.

Proms and Special Occasions

Make a stylish entrance at your prom, birthday, or special event with our impeccable limousine service. Our luxurious limousines, manned by professional chauffeurs, guarantee timely and opulent arrivals, creating memorable moments. From prom night glamour to birthday joy, our limousines are meticulously equipped to enhance the celebratory atmosphere. Indulge in spacious interiors and make a statement that reflects the significance of your special day. At Bengal Tiger Limo, we redefine elegance for an extraordinary journey.


Hourly Charter Service

Immerse yourself in luxury and flexibility with our Hourly Charter Service. Rent a limousine by the hour to tailor your transportation to your unique schedule. Enjoy the expertise of a dedicated personal chauffeur, ensuring a punctual and personalized journey. Our limousines provide a private and exclusive environment, giving you the freedom to catch up on work or simply relax. With complete control over your schedule, our Hourly Charter Service adapts seamlessly to your agenda, offering a sophisticated and comfortable travel experience. Choose us for a journey that aligns with your pace and preferences.

City Tours

Discover the vibrant history and culture of Philadelphia with a touch of luxury and comfort. Our services extend to New York City and Wilmington, DE, ensuring a seamless and stylish experience throughout the region.

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